nedelja, 21. junij 2015

Photos only #2


I am happy to post this new blog with all the photos. And while I'm working on it, I have my new little friend on my lap sitting and watching ;)
Vesela sem , da lahko objavim nov blog z vsemi fotkami. In medtem, ko delam na tem, imam novega prijateljčka, ki mi sedi v naročju in gleda kaj delam ;) 

I know, this should be a Photos only #3, but I simply didn't have the time. So since I have photos of two weeks at least, you know that this is going to be a little bit longer ;) In the meantime I had my birthday, my cousin's birthday, picnics and small trips... I had a lot of fun, so I am going to share it with you :) 
P.s. I hope you don't mind all the selifes ;) 
Vem, to bi že moral biti Photos only #3, ampak ni bilo časa. Torej, ker imam fotografij za dobra dva tedna, lahko sklepate, da bo to malo daljša objava ;) Medtem, ko nisem objavljala sem imela rojstni dan, sestrična je imela rojstni dan, bili so pikniki in privoščila sem si manjše izlete. Imela sem se ful fajn, zato bom to z veseljem delila z vami. 
P.s. Upam, da vas ne motijo selfiji ;)

As usual, I am just going to post all the photos bellow and comment some of tem. Enjoy!
Kot ponavadi, bom pripopala fotke spodaj in pokomentirala kakšno od njih. Uživajte! ;)


My new pumps, I just love neon colors for the summer!

Thank you Google! ;) 

Special rose from special person ;) 

Once the wild cat falls asleep ;) 

Cherry cherry boom boom ;) Yum!

Sniffing outdoors ;) 

Pretty kitty ;) Oh btw, it's a boy ;) 

At the sea side ;) 

Having a pool time @ my aunt's place ;) 

A beautiful path to the Black lake :) 


It was so nice in the nature :) 

Isn't this place just amazing?

Of course without selife isn't even an option ;) 

No makeup :P 

Enjoying the sun ;) 

Grill party 

The Garmin sport watch so I can move my but and see, how many steps I make :) 
P.s. this is the present for my bday :) 

Monopoly :D I won :P 

Car selfie

Yumm! Strawberry with Whipped cream - this reminds me of my childhood

The bling collar that I got for the little one ;$

Cut my hair - by myself as usual

Making good old beef soup - this is just the best :) 

Had to style my hair with braids, since I didn't have my hair straightener. Btw, I got called Haidi.. 

Oh, just another car selfie

No makeup selfies are pretty common recently, since I let my skin breathe :) 

I wear fur! And it's breathing :P

So this is it for this week's Photos only serie, enjoy this beautiful Sunday, and of course the first summer day! :) 
To je to za ta teden, uživajte v tem lepem nedeljskem dnevu in tudi ob prvem poletnem dnevu! :) 

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